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  •  Open a seperate savings or checking account in your own name to start saving money. At a different bank than the one you share with your partner, would be best, if that option is available.
  • Get a P.O. Box and begin doing change of address, especially for your important correspondence, such as, paychecks, insurance papers, medical, etc.
  • Make copies of important documents, such as: Driver's license, car title, and registration; children's birth certificates, shot records, and social security cards; your birth and marriage certificates and social security cards; checkbook, bankbook, extra cash; insurance papers, house and car keys; medications; divorce papers; and green card/immigration papers.
  • Along with the items mentioned above, pack an extra set of clothes for you and your children and keep items either with a dependable friend or family member.
  • Keep change on you for payphone calls, a calling card for long distance use, and/or your cell phone charged at all times.
  • Determine who would let you stay with them when you leave.
  • The shelter can also provide a safe place for you to stay, along with help work with you regarding your safety plan and your preparation to leave.


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